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characters with backgrounds in color
Ruby (commission for AyameHikari) by Darkwolfhellhoundwolfy-blackcat by Darkwolfhellhound
oc's comissions if colored with no bg
Nightmare (different oc) by Darkwolfhellhound
Sketch comissions
IB- fanart by Darkwolfhellhound
Ich bin so allein by Darkwolfhellhound


Hey guys and welcome to my page! I hope you all enjoy all the cool stuff I make. ^-^ have fun!

:icondragontailfaster: Oh YAY!!!
To do list:</i>
Start Anuk back up again :iconlll-plz:-"ugh shoot me"
finish up requests
write story line for 2207 escaping
continue anuks rough drafts and storyline and story board
Watch Ruby
Watch Firefly
Watch mlp
Watch invader Zim s'more


Hey hey! Thanks for the fave =D
Sat Feb 23, 2013, 10:53 PM
lol thx
Thu Jan 10, 2013, 2:15 PM
Sun Jan 6, 2013, 2:44 PM
Sat Sep 15, 2012, 4:27 PM
Look in the mirror. Look in your eyes. Can you see it? That is my portal to you. And you can see me every time you look in them~♥
Fri Sep 14, 2012, 10:41 AM
Fri Sep 14, 2012, 9:20 AM
i love you too babe~ <3
Sat Sep 8, 2012, 3:02 PM
I LOVE YOU BABY~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3333333333
Mon Sep 3, 2012, 2:42 PM

if i made a iz pairing comic which pairing would you wanna see? 

11 deviants said Zadr
2 deviants said other (comment)
1 deviant said zatr
1 deviant said dadr
1 deviant said pmazr
No deviants said gatr
No deviants said Gagir


Sphinx-(speedpaint included) by Darkwolfhellhound
Sphinx-(speedpaint included)
I spent a lot of time working on this and tried a new kind of style. I hope you guys like him. 
Art (c) :icondarkwolfhellhound: I.E Me
No One Can Hear You Scream
Some vent art I did. Life is getting difficult and hard and i've had to learn to let go but it makes me want to scream....but i feel like i can't because people usually look at me and think i'm always's just....difficult.
(c) Darkwolfhellhound
I Still Love You by Darkwolfhellhound
I Still Love You
I can't help but feel like this doesn't express how i feel entirely. I spent 6-7 hours on this trying to make it just right. I've been with my boyfriend for 2 years this month and even with all the hard times we've had I wouldn't change any of them. I'll cherish every hug and kiss and I'llmiss them when their gone. He's my greatest addiction and I hope i get to continue to enjoy being with him. 
I know all this is cheesy but I haven't had a lot of rage lately so my arts all been happy and cheesy but that's probably a good thing. I hope you all enjoy this and please tell me what you think could use improvement or tweaking. I always appreciate constructive criticism.

Drawn to- Chris Brown-Perfume, DAgames-Another Date, and Random celtic music and music boxes.

Characters are mine, please do not draw them or use them without my written consent.
Art (c)-Darkwolfhellhound  
ZaDr-A Test Of Faith by Darkwolfhellhound
ZaDr-A Test Of Faith
A Test Of Faith
Disclaimer: yes, this is a ZaDr story shipped this odd human and alien pairing for quite a long while now. However, I have always wanted to write something more touching fot bothvhumans and those of us irkens who need a little something to mover our little spoochs'. I know, a lot of people really may not like this story and may even be a little pissed because they think I'm altering a great cartoon. I want to let you know none of the stuff htst I write in here has any affect on the cartoon this is just a fanfic made fore fun and for the enjoyment of others. So,please, let us all enjoy the story and don't leave negative comments.
This story takes place when Dib is very young and when Gaz is only a baby. That is all I will say for now. so please enjoy the fanfic. Warning:If you couldn't guess already this is a yaoi (boyxboy) you've been warned. enjoy.

   It was another cold and gloomy day as the Dib human walked through the newly drenched streets towards the gloomy, depressing, place that he called home. Yes, this had been his life for a very long time and he wasn't all too fond of it. He was known around this area as the 'big-headed crazy boy' to his sister he was an annoyance and to his father well lets just say he never seems to be impressed. Dib didn't have any friends and it wasn't like anyone could blame him for that fact considering the fact that everyone at skool thought he was a freak; even the freaks thought he was a freak. As he walked home that night he stopped and looked up at the brilliant night sky and wished that for once he'd find someone- they didn't even need to be perfect. He just needed someone who he could talk to...maybe even someone who was different like him. But the more he thought about his the sillier it sounded to him which caused him to let out a sad chuckle 'nah, forget about stuff like that, Dib.'
Then with that sad sentement in his heart be carried on into the dark alley on his way home. As he walked through there he managed to trip on an old tire that someone had left laying there which only caused him to fall face first into a pile of trash "gah! aw, c'mon!" he yelled as he pulled himself up from the nasty smelling garbage. Then he heard a small laugh from down the alley causing him to look over his shoulder as he was there on all fours with garbage strewn through his hair. The figure he'd heard laughing looked like a male about his age however their face was covered with a hood.
"What? You gonna laugh at me too? Go ahead it's not like I haven't heard it all before!", he yelled. The figure just stood there at the end of the alley looking at the boy odly
"Well, what are you waiting for? Go ahead. Laugh." he yelled as he stood up. The strange figure only stood there before taking off and running off quickly. Dib decided he had to chase him and quickly ran out of the alley.
"Wait! Where are you going!? Get back here! I'm not done with you yet!" he yelled. He saw the hooded figure darting down the soaking wet street towards the old haunted hill. Dib chased him all the way there but when he got there he suddenly lost him. As he stood there he looked around 'where did he go?', he thought.
After a few minutes of looking around Dib sighed sadly and sat down on the hill overlooking the whole city; as he looked out at the glimmering lights in the distsance he sighed.
"I just want one person to talk to....", he said as he looked off into the distance. He began thinking about his mother then looked down with a sad smile.
"If she were here she'd know what to do.", he looked off then chuckled "it's been years since she died....But it still hurts. Mom understood me way better than dad ever could. I just wish she were here.", Dib looked off into the sky as a small tear made itself known on his face and slowly gluided down.  "Mom, can you hear me up there?" he asked am mysterious deity.
"Mom...I'm all alone here. Why did you need to leave? I don't understand. I'm a freak here and noone seems to like me.", he sighed sadly then looked up to the sky one last time "Mom, please if you can hear me...I...", he must have realized that he sounded silly talking to air and stopped before he stood. "listen to me talking to myself no wonder people think I'm nuts.".
A few weeks passed and Dib was being walked to his first day of kindergarden holding a book about mysteries in his arms. A few kids saw him and grimiced "Oh, look it's that crazy kid", said one kid. All the others looked at him before they moved away or their parents moved them away. Dib looked around seeing the wide berth people gave him and sighed sadly before he walked into the school.
When he went and sat in the class a younger looking version of a evil looking lady named Mrs.Bitters who floated into the class with a snarl. "now, childeren I'm sure you are all thinking that in my class it will be all fun and games a place where you will reach for the sky. Well, I'm here to let you know that my classroom is no such place. So give up on you're dreams you poor doomed childeren." Dib didn't really listen since he was too busy reading the huge clunker of a book that he'd lugged with him to school.
Mrs.Bitters looked at this big-headed child with a small glare before she went over to Dib's desk "Dib, put that garbage away this is only a place for real stuff not that false garbage.", Everyone in class giggled a little since they knew Dib was in trouble. "But it's not garbage! really! Look, see this it's a real werewolf!", Now, everyone in the class began laughing "what a freak haahaha loser!".
Dib looked around at the kids who were laughing at him and bit his lip "S-Stop laughing it's really true! I swear!", He yelled aloud as if that would cause someone to believe him in some way. When this only made the kids laugh harder Dib grabbed his book and ran out of the classroom and into the boys bathroom locking himself inside one of the stalls.
Once he was all curled up inside he proceeded to let out all the tears he had held inside before he opened the book cover and looked inside. On the inside of the book was a few words neatly written in pen it said "for all the stars in the sky never stop beleiving. With love -Mom"  Dib let out a few wet sniffles before he looked at the toilet. He stood with the book in hand and walked over to the toilet before he raised the book over his head "I'm sorry mom", he said before he threw the huge book into the toilet and ran out of the bathroom just as the bell for recess rang.
To be continued......
Hey I'm alive!!! I want to apologize in advance for my really bad grammar. I've been trying to work on it. But I really nope you guys like this story I've started. I'll have more parts coming soon :) So please enjoy.
part 1-you are here!
part2-coming soon :iconbegplz:


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United States
Hi all you filthy human-stink babies~! MY name is Kat. I am a self taught artist. I love drawing invader Zim and hope to someday be an animation artist or cartoonist. And although I may not be great yet I am improving!
I am a not the sexual kind you pervs!!!!
Relationship status? []single []married []divorced [x]dating []engaged
im too young for the others besides single!! XD

i love ZaDr ^^
RP ZaDr stamp by ZADZAP.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot:thumb98874067:I :heart: my watchers Stamp. by jugga-lizzleI Love Chocolate by SophibelleI love Snow by mcericInvader Zim - Dance by winter-ame[Stamp] Dib's Big Head by CreepiestDib Doin' Stuff Stamp by Zim-ShadyGir Stamp by morfachasGlitter is AMAZING. by InvaderAtHMTex's Hat by Keeper-OfThe-DeadRAPR Stamp by bluesoruFandom Stamp by invaderbastInvader Zim Stamp by lonewerewolfSmeet Stamp by bluesoruSmosh-WHY DID YOU CLOSE THE FRIGGIN' DOOR?! -GIF- by BrookeCPhotography
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im a sucker for love <3
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I'm always here to talk to no matter what
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Sekaiichi Hatsukoi 2 (Episodio 01 - 1) by Asahi88Sly Cooper Animation by Raccoun-Girl-im a great kisser ;) XD Sekaiichi Hatsukoi 2 (Episodio 12 - 2) by Asahi88- I can't help but giggle when someone does something clumsy or I do something clumsy ^^; h-hehe
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I love to act and make people laugh Jensen moonwalk GIF by crimson-moon-09
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Hello, I'm alive guys! yeah, shocker! I am so so soooooo sorry i haven't said anything for a long time! But i'll try to get back to work on making some good stuff for this acocunt. i've made another one and will be making a comic on it. you'll see it around. :) 

if i made a iz pairing comic which pairing would you wanna see? 

11 deviants said Zadr
2 deviants said other (comment)
1 deviant said zatr
1 deviant said dadr
1 deviant said pmazr
No deviants said gatr
No deviants said Gagir


Dear ilovesouthparkyaoi, I love this pic its cute and really reminds me of the song Rainbow Veins. I love how the color makes it look b...

Jack Nicholson by Severen13

this is absolutley amazing! i love it i love all the detail you went into. i hope to see more things like this ^^ i have no bad things ...



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