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ZaDr- Invaded Ur Heart Chpt 3
a valentine, a kiss and a carnival.
by: :icondarkwolfhellhound:
Zim looked down at the flyer in his hands he couldnt get the Dib human off his mind no matter what, the human seemed to have invaded his mind which Zim found suprisingly ironic. he chuckled and shook his head "hehe Dib...Zim doesnt know how..or when these feelings started..." he smiled a little and blushed "m-mabey...Zim...wants to kiss the Dib-pi-...Dib" he had removed the pun it just didnt sound right anymore.he sighed and laid down on his bed looking up at the wire covered ceiling with his arms under his head as he allowed thoughts of Dib to flow into his mind.
little did Zim know Dib was doing the same thing he thought of what he should get the irken with so little time to spare "...meat hearts..?..." he wacked his forhead "stupid! i forgot..he burns with meat....a stuffy? thats just stupid...." he thought hard for an hour or so then his eyes widdened with an idea he quickly got up and began making something he seemed...happy this was the first time ever near valentines day that Dib had smiled. Gaz walked over with her gameslave she was shocked to see Dib smileing and making something she walked behind him and looked over his shoulder "what are you making, Dib?" she asked with a slightly courious tone in her voice. Dib jumped he was using a sewing needle that pricked his finger due to him jumping "Ga-OW!..." he kissed his finger "whats it look like im doing?" he said blushing a little. Gaz looked at her brother "well i dont know, if I had to guess i'd say you'v gone nuts because your smiling the day before the oh so dreaded valentines day" Dib blushed and looked down "j-just go away" Gaz smirked and nudged him "c'mon Dib you cant hide the fact your in love" she giggled a little. saying that caused Dibs eyes to widden and his face to flush "W-WHAT!? im not in love! its just a gift!" she laughed "your face is all red" Dib blushed hard and stood walking out of the room to the bathroom to get a band-aid for his finger which was bleeding, as soon as he left Gaz looked at what he was working on with a raised brow "Hmmmm?"she picked up a book and looked in it then went wide-eyed. soon Dib came back to see a smirking Gaz "i know who it is~" she sang Dib scoffed thinking there was no way in a million years she could possobaly figure out anything about what was going on with him and his enemy, that is till she held up the book it had a fresh sketch in it of Zim and him togeather hugging. Dib gasped "T-Thats not what it looks like! i-i was just u-uh....s-sleep sketching! THATS IT! sleep sketching!" Gaz smirked not letting that lie get by her at all "you like Zim dont you" Dib turned away "NO!...i...i dont...hes my enemy..." he honestly didnt know what he and Zim where at the moment he was a little afraid to find out.
meanwhile back at Zims base Zim thought of what he was gonna do for Dib for valentines Day then went downstairs to his lab with a smile on his face he had an idea of what to give him. he began working hard all through out the night both of them worked hard to get their gifts finished Zim and Dib finally finished their gifts Dib put a ribbon around his and stuffed it in his backpak which made it look like it was stuffed to the brim and heavy. Zim carefully put his in box and topped it with a ribbon then after putting it in his pak and getting ready and cleaned up he ran out the door with the flyer in his pak he had a smile on his face. Gir smirked as he watched the excited irken leave "awwww... iz gonna make tacos now!" he giggled and ran back into the house. Dib got to skool suddenly feeling...nervous he was a little worried as some students looked at him and giggled they all seemed to think it was funny how Dib had never gotten a single valentine from someone he liked if he ever liked anyone. the first bell ran which made Zim and Dib race to their first class which they shared. apon arrival most of the students sat quietly in their desks facing the front looking stonefaced at the ever so grumpy mrs.bitters unlike all the other teachers she hadn't decorated the class.Dib looked over at Zim and blushed when he saw him looking over at him as well they both averted their gaze from eachother and fiddled with the paper and books on their desks. all the students jumped when the phone on mrs.bitters desk rang interupting her doom loop she awnsered the phone with a growl "what?!..NO!!! grr! alright! but you'll pay for this!" she hung up and looked at the class "despite my outrage to the very idea of celibrating valentines day the skool board had decided to lessen your misery and let you all celibrate valentines day" she hissed all the students ran around to hand out valentines Zim sighed and got up walking to Dib "hello Dib..." he said shyly looking at his feet. Dib looked up at Zim blushing "h-hi, valentines day..." he was silent and a little shocked Zim had called him dib without putting a stupid pun at the end of it.he began hugging his backpack which caught Zims attention "whats in your bag Dib-thing? it looks heavy and fat" Dib blushed and tensed "i-its nothing!..." he looked down shyly, Zim blinked as he gazed at the human "um...ok.." he looked to the side "Zim...Zim has a command for you!" he said pointing at him with a blue blush spread plainly acrossed his cheeks and where his noes would be if it existed. Dib blinked as he looked at the alien who seemed to tremble a little "Z-Zim is commanding you to go somewhere with him after skool!" he bit his lip, Dib sighed and looked down "Zim im not-" he was interupted by Zim " please...?" Dibs eyes widdened and he looked at Zim "what did you say?" he asked. Zim blushed hard "p-please...please go with me after skool..." he looked up at him and smiled shyly, Dib needless to say was quite shocked but happy he smiled "ok...ill meet you after skool" with that Zim happily went back to his desk all the students looked shocked the room was silent for a few moments before they went back to what they where doing.

after school, Dib sat on the steps of the skool and waited for Zim he was still hugging his backpack. soon Zim stepped up and handed him a flower "h-happy valentines day....D-Dib." Dib looked at the flower and smiled a little "happy valentines day...where do you want to take me?" he asked with a raised brow. Zim smiled and grabbed his wrist "come with Zim and see" he smiled as he lead him to the carnival Dib blinked when he saw it the carnival was all decorated for valentines day everything was decorated in hearts and cupids and flowers all the people there where couples which made Dib feel a little uncomfortable as he walked to the ticket booth with Zim. at the ticket booth sat the male who worked at mc-meatys when Zim was going thru the molt "hey, i remember you" he said Zim nodded "yes yes everyone remember the AMAZING ZIM!" he smiled and chuckled nervously then blushed looking down "heres our tickets" he handed him the tickets, which after scanning he handed back with a stamp of a heart on them "enjoy". Dib and Zim walked into the carnival bolth looking quite nervouse Zim tried to think of something to make it less awkward which is when he saw the toss-a-ring stand "hey, Dib i bet i can beat you at that game" he challenged. Dib smirked at the challange "HAH! are you kidding? c'mon ill beat you in five seconds flat spaceboy" they both went over and paid for the game both on a tie with their last rings Zim smirked and threw it getting it on a bottle with a fish in it "WOOH beat that" Dib rolled his eyes and threw but midthrow was distracted when he heard some of the kids from his skool say "is that Dib and Zim?" which caused him to miss. the students then shrugged "nah, why on earth would they be here" then another spoke "and would we care? HAHA losers" they walked away, Dib sighed in defeat and releif as Zim did a victory dance "Vicotory! sweet victory for ZIM!" he froze when he saw Dibs expression it seemed concerned but Zim took it as he was hurt by his loss and him shoving it in his face. the clerk for the game smiled "which prize do you want?" he asked pointing to the prizes Zim looked at Dib then pointed the clerk smiled "excilent choice" he handed a stuffed bear with a heart in its hands to Zim. Zim then turned to Dib and handed it to him "h-here...f-for you" Dib blinked and looked at him "" Zim growled impatiently "Zims arms are getting tired" he complained causing Dib to take the bear "s-sorry,....thanks..f-for the bear.." he smiled shyly blushing at Zim which caused an overwhelming feeling to take over Zim suddenly his spooch began beating faster and he couldnt help but smile at Dib "your welcome" after a few games and some food Dib saw a photo booth "OH! can we take a picture?" Zim blinked and chuckled a little "sure- woah!" he was dragged to the photo booth by Dib then got in he looked at it with a brow raised "how does such machienory even work!? irken smeets had more advanced toys" Dib chuckled and paid for the pictures setting it for two people. Zim looked at him "now what?" Dib chuckled "now we do some fun poses while it takes pictures" he smiled the first picture they took was of eachother flexing then the next was them making goofy faces almost like they where drunk then the next was of Dib making Zim smile by standing behind him and pulling the sides of his mouth into a smile the next was of Zim using Dibs head as an arm rest and when the final one came neither of them knew what to pose for. Dib decided to go for it and hugged Zim just as it took the picture needless to say Zims face was PRICELESS his eyes where wide and his cheeks where a deep blue you could have sworn he was suffering from a sever case of rigamortis he was so tence Dib chuckled and got out of the booth the curtain covered Zim who couldnt help but blush and smiled widley at what had just happened to him the hug felt...nice..welcomed even it made his spooch race like he was running away from something but it was good. Dib smiled and got the pictures when Zim came out he handed him a copy " you can remember" Zim looked over the pictures and blushed when he saw the last one "u-uh m-mabye we should cut off that last one" he said "Zim looks silly" Dib chuckled "no,I want to keep that one in perticular...its kindof cute.." he blushed and slapped his hands over his mouth when he realized what it was he had just said but it was too late to go back now "Cute? think Zims cute?" he asked Dib blushed and stuttered insanly "n-n-no i-i-i mean i-it just k-kindof sl-slipped i mean Augh..." he looked down shyly.Zim know Dib felt awkward and decided to try and help him feel better by going on a ride he looked around most of the rides where to fast it seemed to calm ones nerves till Zims eyes landed on a big circular ride that stood virtical with what seemed like bird cages haning from it "lets go on that" he pointed to it Dib looked at the ride and gulped nervousely "um...h-how about s-something else..." he asked nervously Zim smirked "nope come with Zim! Zim wishes to ride the big wheel thingy!" he dragged him to the ride. once on the ride Zim sat on the opposite side of Dib and looked at him when the ride moved Dib tensed and hyperventalated a little "oh god, oh god im gonna die. we'r gonna die" he trembled Zim blinked he had finally realized it, how could it have taken him this long to have realized that Dib was afraid of hights he thought he would have noticed it when he was dangling over the sespool but he hadnt realized it, that is till now. "Dib close your eyes" he said calmingly Dib did as he said and closed his eys when the ride julted a little he yiped in fear, Zim smiled and sat next to him then pulled him close hugging him "shhh...Zim is long as Zim is here,nothing will hurt you Dib" Dib blinked suddenly feeling calm his face flushed "t-thank you Zim" he curled up on the seat and nuzzled Zim a little with a blush this caused Zim to blush "y-your welcome.." when they reached the top the ride stopped and Dib sat up "Z-Zim....why did you take me here?..." Zim blinked he hadnt really thought about it "Hmmm...Zim brought you here...because Zim wanted to spend this 'valentines day' with Dib.." he blushed a little "N-not that Zim means anything by it....Z-Zims just uh...b-being a good irken...or...i-i..Zim means um..." he blushed hard and looked at him. Dib smiled and giggled a little putting his hand over his mouth trying to stop it "ffttt" Zim blinked "W-whats so funny?" Dib broke into laughter "HAHAHA y-your face hahaha!" he clutched his belly as he laughed, Zim looked at him "Zims face, amuses you?" he asked Dib laughed more "heheh no its hahah so cute! hehe" then he stopped "u-um i-i-i mean um...y-your not cute i-i mean well y-you are WAIT n-no i...." he blushed and burried his face in the closest thing he had which was his backpack. Zim smiled "Zim thinks your cute to..." he pulled the gift out of his pak and held it out "happy sicky love day Dib.." he smiled, Dib blinked and looked at the gift taking it from Zim "w-wow..a...a gift?" he looked at Zim. "I beleive you humans call it a 'valentine'" Dibs eyes widdened as he thought 'a-a...valentine...from Zim...oh my...god...i feel like my heart wants to burst...what do i do..should i give him his valentine from me?' Dib stared at it blankly as he thought this. Zim chuckled nervously "well, go ahead and open it Dib" Dib snapped out of it then opened the gift his eyes widdened as he pulled out a jar with air holes in it and inside the jar was what looked like a tiny ghost it had what looked like puppy ears on it and smiled at when it saw Dib and floated around in the glass as it said "Zim loves Dib!" Zim blushed hard "um...i-i um...forget it?" he asked shyly, Dib smiled happily  "are you kidding? I love it!" he smiled excitedly and let the ghost out it then circled around his head "Weehh!" it said then whent back in the jar which Dib closed and set of to the side "i-i have something for you to,Zim.." he grabbed his bag "now close your eyes" Zim did as he was told then Dib set something in his hands it was...soft...and kindof a pillow. "now open your eyes" Zim did and was shocked when he saw in his hands was a hand made glove with a ribon tied around it and a tag that said "from: Dib To: Zim <3 happy valentines day" Zim could swear he felt tears running down his cheek. Dib blinked in shock thinking he didnt like it "o-oh y-you dont like it? i-im sorry! i-i j-just though- hmph!?" he was inturupted by Zim who's globe fell on the floor as he wrapped his arms around Dib and kissed him his face a deep blue. Dibs eyes where wide and his cheeks flushed a deep red 'Zim'z.....k-kissing...m-me..' he thought.
FINALLY! its complete. ENJOY~!
i worked till 5 am on this since people seemed to like this fanfic ^^ and im glad you guys do. i found this to be very cute when i wrote it :iconomgsocuteplz:
and im sorry the pic for this chptr isnt great ill work on it later when i have time
Chptr 1: [link]
Chptr 2: [link]
please tell me what you think of this chapter
(c):iconblackcat4656: do not use this without my permission
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