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August 27, 2012
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title:invaded your heart
another day in skool as zim walked thru the halls looking at the heart,rose and cupids arrow decorations that lined the schools halls "another pitiful human holiday" he thought to himself
as he walked into the now loud classroom "huh?" he said puzzled as he looked at all the children laughing makeing small bins colorfully decorated with hearts and candy drawn on them.
zim turned to miss bitters who seemed to be more grumpy than usual "teacher drone! what is everyone prepareing for? tell me!!!!" he said holding a fist triomphantly over his head, mrs.bitters
then growled at zim "THEY are preparing for valentines day EVERY student is required to give eachother valentines!" zim stood there puzzled "what is a valentine?" he mummbled to himself.
but before he could ask mrs.bitters she had already returned to what she was doing. "i must find out what this "VALENTINES DAY" is" zim said to himself as he woundered around asking others
what this new holiday was. he went up to everyone asking over and over again "what is this valentines day that you are all preparing for?" but all they would tell him is "get lost freak!"
seeing no way to get an awnser from anyone he looked around desperatly for an awnser till he finally spotted dib in back of the classroom sitting alone in a corner. Reluctanly he woundered to the back
of the class where the dib-human sat "hello dib" he said in his sly voice "what do you want this time zim?" dib said in a somewhat irritated voice. zim looked at him "i have a question and you will awnser it!"
dib looked at zim shocked he never expected him to acctually ask a human for help. "i need to know what is this valentines day that everyone is preparing for" dib looked at him annoyed now "your kidding right?"
but zim was not kidding and the blank look on his face said that to dib "its a holiday where people express their love to one another....geez will you leave me alone now?" zim looked at dib with a confused expreshion
he had never heard of this 'love' before but he felt that he had to know. tapping on dibs should he asked "dib what is this 'love'that you speak of?" dib looked down sadly "somthing noone has shown me before"
this cought zim's attention "what do you mean dib-worm?" zim asked slightly confused but also slightly guilty for makeing dib look so sad by asking "oh! um.....its nothing....". zim however not beleiving dib
sticking one of his fingers in his face "tell zim!" he commaned looking at him very seriously "its nothing at all zim now stay out of it!" he said as he brushed zim aside and walked out of the room.
zim just stood there 'whats wrong with dib? what did he mean by "somthing noone has shown me before"?' he stood there and thought 'mabey it would make the dib-worm happy if i made him one of these "valentines"' he thought
woundering around looking at the asortments of things the humans where making for each other. but zim being well zim he didnt understand what valentines did and didn't have emotion behind them
infact zim didn't really understand the emotion that surrounded valentinesday, all he knew was its name and that wasnt much to go off of.
back at his base after school zim tried to contact the tallest "yes what is it now zim?" came the voice of tallest red "greetings my tallest" zim said with a small salute "i have a question about a peculiar human holiday"
tallest purple walked in the room "what human holiday is it?" asked purple looking at red with a scolding look for awnsering the transmition. zim scratched his head "they call it 'valentines day' and from my research it suggests
that is a human holiday to express somthing called 'love' but i fear i do not understand either of these things" zim said looking down sadly "would it be possable that you know more about how i should celibrate this holiday to not
blow my cover?" zim asked looking at his tallest with a pleading look in his eyes. tallest purple and red looked at eachother and signled for the other irkens to leave the room so they could talk to zim alone without inturuption
"ok zim this is all we can tell you" said tallest purple looking at red uncertain about the outcome of how zim would take this information "zim 'love' is an emotion that every species in the universe experiances at some point in life"
said purple. zim looked even more confuesed "every species experiances this 'love'? b-but i dont understand why do we not expereiance it?" tallest red and purple seemed like they started to blush they wherent comfortable with the
conversation they where enduring "well zim on our planet we have no need for 'love' we are invaders and love leads to...smeets on our planet so we dont mention it" zim still unsure of many things asked "what does this love feel like?
and what are the symptomes?" tallest red and purple wanted out of this conversation "its called pharimones or hormones and we dont know what it feels like...sorry zim this is all we know" and with that the transmition was ended.
zim paced for hours unsure of what to do "what am i going to do?! if I am to make the dib-human unsad I need to show him this 'love' but how?" then a idea came to zim and after a few seconds of considering it he was out the door
and bolted off to dibs house.
meanwhile dib sat on his bed thinking about valentines day sadly but at the same time he was also thinking about zim but the thoughts where not the ones he was exspecting he was thinking about giving the irken a valentine
while he hugged his zim vodoo doll. till he heard a knock on the door downstairs and hid the doll to go awnser it only to be amazed that it was zim "um zim? what are you doing he-" dib didnt have time to finish his sentence
zim pushed his way into the house and pushed dib to the floor and stood over the now shocked dib "i need to know something dib!" zim said looking frusterated at first but the he held out a hand to pull dib off the floor "s-sorry i
wanted to make sure i could have your full attention". dib looked at zims hand he was offering and brushed it aside to stand up by himself "well now that you have my attention....what do you need?" dib said as he sat on the couch
prepareing for one of the longest conversations in the whole world. zim walked over and sat next to dib on the couch feeling slightly awkward "i want to do humans exspress this 'love' that you mentioned earlyer?" zim
said looking derectly at dib,dib however didnt like the feeling of zim watching him and didn't want to discuss this any further "some people give the preson they love...i dont know...somthing they like." zim reached a claw out to touch
dibs shoulder but he pulled it back. feeling the next question would be pointless zim restrained himself from asking it at first but when the silence finally got to him he asked "do you 'love' somone dib?".
dibs eyes widened as he stood up and turned to zim "n-no! what makes you think that!?" he said waveing his hands infront of him, zim looked at him and then at the floor after a few minutes of not
saying anything dib droped his hands and rubbed his arm awkwardly "s-sorry i....over reacted zim" he said looking down at the floor and then back up at zim with a slightly embarrassed look on his face.
zim looked up and chuckled to himself "no its ok" he said 'whats wrong with dib why is he acting so weird?' he thought. scratching the back of his neck dibs face turned red as he considered what to say
"so why do you want to know if i love anyone?" zim looked like the question caught him off gaurd and he looked down and scratched his neck nervously as dib continued "i-i mean your the last person on earth i thought would even care"
zim looked up and stood up defensivley "i do not care i was just curiouse.....and besides i am an invader i do not care about HUMANS!" he said glareing at dib as he spat the words in his face dib felt a little bit crushed inside
" that all you needed to say?" dib said looking down at his feet sad as turned away from zim to hide his face. zim knew he had hurt the human and felt guilty he reached out a hand to touch the humans shoulder but pulled back
"yes" he said as he began walking out the door but he stopped when he felt a hand grab his arm to keep him from moveing, zim turned around quickley "u-um....." dib said looking at zim with a shocked face.
looking at dib zim felt weird he didnt understand it but his heart began to beat faster "y-yes dib?" he managed to say. dib looked around as he tried to think of what to say 'oh crap why did i do that what should i say?' he thought
"dib" zim said getting dibs attention "yeah?" dib said looking confused "w-well i...i mean...i" he looked at dib's hand still holding his arm "i wanted to know what you as a human would want from somone for valentines day!" he
yelled looking at dib not knowing why he just yelled and beggining to feel like he shouldn't have said it. dib looked really shocked and somewhat in a daze as he dropped zims arm 'what?' dib thought. a long awkward silence passed
as zim talked again "i-im sorry ill go" he said leaveing as he got at least down to the main sidewalk "hey zim!" dib yelled zim turned to make sure he wasnt attaking "what do you want for valentines day!?" dib said quickly
zim thought about it and frowned "i dont know ill think about it. k dib-stick?" and with that he walked away.
Zim walked home thinking about what he wanted from Dib 'what do i want from the Dib-pig?! that filthy human now he has Zim feeling confused' he went home and sat down "hmmm mabey if i study human emotion it will help me" he looked around
"Gir!" Gir ran in "yes my lord!" he saluted then went back to playing with a small toy octopus "Gir i need to study hyoman affection for this "valentines day"" Gir looked at Zim confused "whhhyyyy?" he asked with a smug grin on his face
Zim blushed and looked away "n-no reasson" Gir giggled "youuu likez somone?!" he said pointing at Zim and giggleing. Zim growled and blushed "Gir!!! just do what i told you!!!!" he growled as Gir put in a chickflick video
Me and my friend shania made this late one night and never finished it. ^^;;;; i was considering makeing it a comic but soon decided no one would like it. tell me what u think i should do. if you would like to see this in a comic plz comment

chapter 2: [link]
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Zombiehorse2 Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Now here's a fan fiction  I'm willing to read, awesome job. A comic would be really intriguing to see, I'm willing to help out if you want. I love ZADr so cute, teehee
Darkwolfhellhound Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2014   Digital Artist
how would you be willing to help?
Zombiehorse2 Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I found your story very exciting I was thinking of working together to create a comic. For example, one could draw and the other could color. Or just share the role of both. But I understand if you don't want too. Just a suggestion.
Darkwolfhellhound Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2014   Digital Artist
it would be helpful to have a second opinion to work with but i've stopped this fan fiction since my friend left i would need to start it up again and re read it to start the comic back up. i will need to think about it.
Zombiehorse2 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2014  Student Digital Artist
No problem, I completely understand. Take all the time you need.
Darkwolfhellhound Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2014   Digital Artist
Would you be interested in maybe doing the basic sketch and back grounds? like the rough for the page then you send it to me and i make some minor changes if needed then you do the background and color them then I do the characters and other stuff?
Zombiehorse2 Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2014  Student Digital Artist
So basically you want me to draw a the background, you change any flaws, then I color, then you do the characters and color, am I understanding this correctly?
Darkwolfhellhound Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2014   Digital Artist
The rough page is what i mean. you do simple sketches for the layout you want for the page including words and word bubbles then i can do the rest from there.
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LOL58 Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
I love it
Darkwolfhellhound Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2012   Digital Artist
Thank you, im glad you loved it ^^ i was thinking of doing chapter 3 but i dont think anyone would read it
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